Who We Are

InnoBev is a beverage brand development company; we create new consumer experiences, disrupting the status quo and innovating in the alcohol-free and alcoholic beverage categories.

We specialise in creating innovative brands and helping other beverage entrepreneurs and brands by bringing ideas to life. InnoBev is Ireland’s leading beverage innovation service, with strong partnerships with established production and packaging facilities and our in-house, small-scale facilities.

At InnoBev, we believe in the art of crafting moments through great drinks, and our products reflect this unwavering dedication to excellence.

Our growing portfolio range currently includes a premium Irish coffee liqueur, Irish Vodka, 21 year old Irish Whiskey, craft gin, and alcohol free beer and spirit beverages.

Our Approach


We develop our brands based on in-depth consumer insights and we stay curious.


We create amazing beverage products and brands


We put every recipe through a rigorous selection, testing and evaluation process to ensure we’re creating the best possible product.


We sell these brands to established industry players /strategic partners. Providing liquidity to further fund our growth.

Consumer habits are changing, our advantage lies in the ability to react quickly and innovate at pace. Our experience and industry contacts allow us to develop products in multiple categories.

Consumers are more health conscious & alcohol consumption is dropping globally. Providing exciting opportunities for our alcohol-free expertise and developing private-label brands in this fast-growing category.

We unlock opportunities in both the alcohol-free and alcoholic beverage categories. We see R&D, private label and small-scale bottling projects as key to sustaining growth.

Craft spirits & Irish Whiskey are experiencing double-digit growth in numerous markets. Our location and association with the Boann distillery allow us the opportunity to develop our own and private label brands in these growth segments.


InnoBev has a robust innovation pipeline driven by deep consumer understanding, starting with:

  • Greenheart Tetra Pak sustainable water
  • Irish Gin, Vodka and Whiskey
  • Private-label alcohol-free spirits and private label Gin
  • Research & development and small-scale bottling


  • Formulation: Relationships in place with international ingredient suppliers for consistent product formulation and development.
  • Warehousing & Lab Facilities: Available at Boann distillery
  • Production: Trial batch production and short-run bottling on-site with the ability to scale with trusted bottling partners.


    We have long-established relationships with major North America, EU and UK beverage distributors and retail multiples.

    Where appropriate, we also plan to establish direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels and work with leading platforms like Amazon.

    Licensing agreements may also be established in markets for specific products.


    The InnoBev team are highly experienced beverage professionals.

    Stephen previously worked as European sales director for Ab-InBev, the world’s largest beer company and was involved in the launch of Heineken Zero in Ireland.

    Our co-founder Chris Kelly is a leading publican with strong trade connections and experience in Ireland and the USA.

    Dave has been head brewer for some of Ireland’s leading breweries and distilleries and brings production expertise to the team.