InnoBev is a beverage brand development company, we create new experiences for consumers, disrupting the status quo and innovating in the alcohol free and alcoholic beverage categories.

InnoBev is a beverage brand development company; we create new consumer experiences, disrupting the status quo and innovating in the alcohol-free and alcoholic beverage categories.

We specialize in creating innovative brands and helping other drinks entrepreneurs and brands by bringing ideas to life.

What We Do

Brand Development

We stay nimble and react quickly to emerging trends to develop and manage a range of premium brands in the drinks industry. Our mission is to create amazing brands that resonate with consumers

Recipe Development

We will work closely with you to bring your product to life. Sourcing the right ingredients and calculating the correct formula is often time and resource-consuming. A great recipe is a foundation upon which sales are built; let our recipe development services help you grow.

Small Scale Bottling

A product’s packaging is the consumer’s first impression of the brand, so making it a good one is essential! We produce packaging that ranges from 5cl miniatures to 1000ml glass bottles across our bottling lines



Combining authentic intuition and modern inginuity, we carefully craft our gin using 14 of the finest botanicals. The result is a clean, crisp flavour, with citrus notes tingling on the tongue and the softest of dry finishes. Perfect with a classic dash of tonic and slice of lemon, it’s the taste of the traditional with a twist


We love whiskey. We are passionate about coffee. So, we brought them together in BlackTwist. A uniquely spirited drink forged from the collision of these two worlds. 


Greenheart is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic water bottles which harm our planet. Our bottles are made from 88% sustainable materials and are 100% recyclable.


The name Temris comes from the old Irish phrase meaning sanctuary or sacred space, separated for both ceremony and reflection. Temris 21 year old single malt reveals our unrivalled commitment to the mastery of the art of Irish Whiskey. The Oloroso sherry cask finish delivers a single malt characterised by flavours of baked fruits, rich plum pudding, cocoa and an alluring hint of spice.


Introducing VLVT Premium Vodka. Our crisp, clean flavours are a testament to true craftmanship and quality. VLVT is the result of meticulous distillation process. Carbon filtered for a smoother finish. The end result? An impeccable spirit that tastes just as great on it’s own over ice, as it does with your cocktail of choice.